The CEGE Junior Mentoring Program in STEM has a goal of providing opportunities for BIPOC, women, or low-income students in grade 11 to learn more about STEM. The program consists of two parts: (i) bi-weekly 80-minute sessions with problem solving and discussion conducted by graduate students from February to June; and (ii) an individual project assignment with graduate students as mentors from July to August.

In the first part, the 11th-grade students study the basics of programming and data analysis via Matlab. The educational sessions are designed and conducted by CEGE graduate students.

In the second part, the high school students participate in individual research projects and perform analyses based on their knowledge and programming skills. The graduate student mentors formulate and conceptualize ideas and a timeline for the high school students projects and present them to potential mentees. The mentors guide their mentees and help them to implement the skills developed in the first part of the program. Mentors also teach the students new concepts related to the particular research project. At the end of August, the high school students present their results. Students receive positive feedback and a certificate of participation in the CEGE JuMP in STEM program.

Meet the 2021 CEGE graduate student participants.