CEGE Materials for K-12 Classrooms

CEGE Student Ambassadors love to engage with students, get them interested in STEM, and teach the basics of civil, environmental, and geo- engineering.
We have gathered these resources to help you insert civil engineering into your classroom! 

  • K-12 Education Classroom Resources.  This folder includes videos, activities, and lesson plans according to grade level. These resources highlight the basics of civil, environmental, and geo- engineering and introduce students to these careers. The resources include Minnesota education curriculum standards that are covered by each activity, and most activities can be done virtually from home or in-person.
  •  Gridlock Buster Traffic Control Game.  UMN Center for Transportation Studies Gridlock Buster is an online traffic control game based on tools and ideas that actual traffic control engineers use in their everyday work.
  • ASCEville.  Twelve interactive computer games to explore areas of civil engineering, recommended for grades 3-7.

You can also have the CEGE Student Ambassadors visit your classroom—virtually or in-person!

Ethan Myers (left) sitting on steps in student lounge; Ali Stone in front of a bookcase

Ethan Myers (left) and Ali Swanson (right) are the co-coordinators of the CEGE Student Ambassadors, a student-led outreach program focused on introducing K-12 students to STEM and to the three majors of our department. We are excited to engage with you and your students to bring engineering to life in the classroom! 

Email us at cegetour@umn.edu to schedule a tour or visit!  We will work with you to create a custom experience for your group!