M.C.E./M.Geo.E. Plan C

The Plan C or “coursework only” option requires completion of a minimum of 30 course credits. Coursework for the Graduate Degree Plan is selected in consultation with the faculty advisor, to meet the needs and interests of the student. The emphasis in the choice of major courses is in engineering design rather than in engineering science. All Graduate Degree Plans must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

There is no final oral exam or defense for the M.E. Plan C.

Plan C:

  • 20 “Core” Credits
    “Core” Credits =
    • Registered while a degree-seeking U of MN student in your program
    • “Core” credits start the first semester of matriculation
    • Unique to the graduate program
  • 10 Other Credits
    Other credits =
    • Taken as non-degree seeking student
    • Transferred from another institution
    • Taken in another graduate program (i.e., credits in common)
    • Graduate–level credits taken in the undergraduate program
  • 30 Total Minimum Credits

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