Meet Our Undergraduates

Martha Burket

Martha Burket, environmental engineering major

Environmental Engineering 2022

It was working in Bill Arnold’s lab that helped Martha Burket determine that she really wanted to do something to help the environment. Martha Burket, an environmental enginering major with a GIS minor and an honors student, plans to graduate this May. “I’ve always liked to see how the things I’m learning apply in real life. At a uni-versity, the main place you see that is in research.” 

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Justin Babcock

Justin Babcock headshot

Civil Engineering 2022

Justin Babcock, a civil engineering major with a construction management minor, will be graduating in May 2022. Justin Babcock likes to be involved in a lot of activities. He knew he needed more than just classroom experiences to make the most of his college experience. So his first year on campus, he did what few first year students do, he got involved with American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Steel Bridge Team. “Being involved with ASCE has been one of my favorite things in CEGE.” 

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Ellie Longar and Madison Haydn-Myer

Ellie and Madison at Geo Fieldcamp in Hawaii

Geoengineering 2023

The U is a big place, but two students discovered a small community within their college. Ellie Longar and Madison Haydn-Myer are both juniors in geoengineering and plan to graduate spring 2023. CEGE had a chance to talk with them about finding their niches and their friends in geoengineering. The two had some classes together sophomore year, but had not gotten to know one another until they both interned at American Engineering Testing (AET), where they worked together testing soil or concrete at various construction sites. What really cemented their friendship, however, was a joint experience at field camp.

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Renee Sailor

Renee Sailor 

Civil Engineering, 2021

Renee Sailor has an analytical mind and an interest in science. Engineering has been a way for her to apply those natural attributes. Sailor was introduced to various types of engineering while attending a camp sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). She began to explore how she could fit into those fields. Her interest in civil engineering was piqued when she began to realize the unseen but significant impact of infrastructure on our everyday lives.

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Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez

Civil Engineering 2021

Juan Lopez transferred from a community college. Before coming to the U, Lopez completed an Urban Scholars internship, working with Fleet Services in a municipal public works department. Another part of the program was learning public speaking. “I realized it is a skill to become accustomed to speaking with people.”

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Celina Tragesser

Celina Tragesser

Civil Engineering, 2020

Celina Tragesser completed her degree online in the midst of the pandemic and began working full-time in August—also online. She was grateful to have had some previous experience working with the company in person as an intern. Here she shares her gratitude for the program and the scholarships she received.

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Keane Nowlan

Keane Nowlan

Civil Engineering 2020

Keane Nowlan developed an interest in structural engineering while working in his father's cabinet shop. Keane was involved in many activities on campus and travelled to Tanzania to work on a water project.

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Kat Hetico

Kat Hetico

Geoengineering 2019

In addition to completing a rigorous major in geoengineering, Kat Hetico was a Division 1 athlete competing on the UMN Women’s Crew Team.

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Diego DeBedout

Diego de Bedout

Civil Engineering 2018

Diego DeBedout developed a personal philosophy that helped make him one of CEGE’s most successful students. Ironically, dealing with failure is his key to success.

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Mariah Dooley

Mariah Dooley

Civil Engineering 2018

Mariah Dooley grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where only about 4% of the population speaks Spanish at home (, yet somehow Dooley caught a passion for studying Spanish language and culture. She has nurtured that interest and is now completing a double major in civil engineering and Spanish studies. At UMN, Dooley has taken advantage of programs that are preparing her to be part of a global workforce.

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Noah Germolus

Noah Germolus

Environmental Engineering 2018

Noah Germolus is an engineer and a performing musician (mainly saxophone); he loves being outdoors as much as working out solutions on a computer; he’s comfortable in the Boundary Waters and, relatively so, when making a speech at commencement. Germolus tries a lot of new things just in case he might like them. But one thing is consistent: Noah Germolus is committed to environmental engineering.

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Emily Erhart

Emily Erhart

Geoengineering 2017

Emily Erhart has been a rock hound since childhood. When she learned she could combine her interests in engineering and geology in a Bachelor of Geoengineering, she was all in! She completed her degree with minors in chemistry and geology. She continued into the Master’s program. "A geoengineering degree opens up so many possibilities — hydrogeology, mining, earth materials. I'm looking forward to exploring more areas during my master's program."

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