Gulliver Honored with Hunter Rouse Award

Professor JOHN GULLIVER received the Hunter T. Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award from the ASCE Environmental and Water Resources Institute. The award honors Gulliver’s outstanding service to the field: bringing water quality into the field of hydraulic engineer­ing, educating engineering students, authoring prominent textbooks and handbooks, and serving engineering practice.

Gulliver remarked, “Hunter Rouse was a giant of the hydromechanics field. Most of my colleagues and I have read his books and landmark papers. This award is also one of the oldest career awards in ASCE. So it is a very great honor for me to receive the Hunter T. Rouse Award.”

In awarding this honor, ASCE stated that Gulliver “exemplifies the approach and capabilities of Hunter Rouse” and that he had “developed and exercised significant depth of knowledge regarding basic processes associated with water entrainment and conveyance of air and other material in water flows. This sound grasp and use of fundamental principles, together with his expertise with modeling techniques, has enabled him to substantially assist in the design or diagnosis of various situations in engineering hydraulics.”

Gulliver’s major research interests involve mass transport in environmental systems and stormwater pollution prevention. His current projects involve the development of technology to treat stormwater runoff, an assessment of stormwater infiltration practices, the prediction of runoff from small, urban watersheds, and the remediation of internal phosphorus loading in stormwater ponds.

Gulliver still sees many challenges ahead in his areas of environmental hydraulic engineering: “We are still trying to effectively solve the retention of dissolved nutrients, which are the primary reason that our estuaries, lakes, and rivers are still polluted. Second, the problem of chloride pollution from road salt in northern climates will require an innovative solution. Finally, more effective operation of a stormwater system utilizing weather forecasts is in our future.”

The Environmental and Water Resources Institute endows the award and associated lecture in honor of Hunter Rouse. Gulliver will deliver a Hunter T. Rouse Lecture at a future date.

John Gulliver is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He has taught courses in fluid mechanics, environmental mass transport, urban hydrology, and water quality. He served as head of the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering at UMN from 1997–2007. Gulliver conducts his research at Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory.