Nahum Yelizarov, BCE + Research Led to a Master's Degree

NAHUM YELIZAROV completed a Bachelor’s degree in 2021 and will graduate with a Master’s degree in the spring of 2023.

“My time in CEGE as an undergraduate and graduate has been full of involvement with the department, student groups, and research. Coming in as a transfer student, I didn’t know that many people in my grade. Joining student leadership of several student groups allowed me to meet and make friends with people in my grade and those who were Juniors and Seniors. It also gave me experience in project management and leadership, and technical knowledge like welding and fabrication. Getting involved in research with various professors let me explore my interests and opened a door to a Master’s degree. Taking higher level design and theory classes in structural engineering, as well as doing a thesis, allowed me to get a better technical understanding and taught me to how educate myself on topics I don’t know.”

“I chose to pursue civil engineering because of my statics professor at Normandale; I really liked his class. My internship with Mortenson, convinced me that I would enjoy working in structural engineering. My education focused on structural engineering because that is what I want to do for my career. I had no interest in doing a Master’s degree until I did research for Prof. Marasteanu.

“I assisted Prof. Marasteanu on several pavement engineering research projects as an undergrad. He asked me to stay on for a Master’s and work on one of his pavement engineering research projects. So, I stayed. My thesis is looking at the effects of tree cover and snow cover on pavement surface temperature. This topic relates to both the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect and winter management of pavements.”

After graduation, Yelizarov will join the structural engineering general group at Ericksen Roed & Associates (ERA) where he anticipates working on existing and new structures including medical facilities, residential buildings, and schools.