Solidarity and Support for all members of CEGE Community

We are all in this together!

CEGE embraces contributions of students and scholars of all nationalities, creeds, and cultures. We fundamentally believe that diversity in all forms makes us stronger. A recent rise in anti-Asian and anti-Asian American racism in connection with COVID-19 is concerning, and we want to send a strong message of solidarity and support to all members of our community who are experiencing racism or xenophobia (definition: fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign).

If you experience or witness a bias or hate, here are some resources to help:

Currently, graduate students in CEGE represent eight different countries; undergraduates and faculty members represent several more. Photo: A recent graduate student event featured presentations on food and culture from Professor Jia-Liang Le from China, Jiaqi You from China, Othman Oudghiri-Idrissi from Morocco, Sara Bin Ahmed-Menzies from Lebanon, Professor Stefano Gonella from Italy, Anu Tripathi from India, and Shi'an Wang from China.