Water Bottle Filling Station is a Gift from Graduating Students

Alumni and friends of CEGE give to support our current and upcoming students. Many give to ensure that the resources they had during their own University experience are as good or better for current and upcoming students.

One of the most recent gifts initiated with the graduating seniors in 2019. They established the Graduating Students Fund, which continues to grow with each graduating class. Already the Graduating Student Fund has paid for a water bottle refilling station, which was installed on the second floor, and established a scholarship for CEGE students. The water fountain plaque was installed in the fall of 2022.

The plaque posted near the water fountain tells how, in 2019, “a group of seniors stepped forward to plan the CEGE Graduating Class Gift initiative, launching a tradition of graduating seniors giving back to CEGE and future CEGE students. As they were developing the idea, they polled fellow seniors about what might be useful to students in the department as a target for their fundraising. The winning suggestion was the addition of this water bottle filling station, a visible legacy that would “keep giving” to future students for many years to come.”

The gift of the water bottle filling station captures the spirit of CEGE, demonstrating care for students’ daily needs and concern for responsible use of Earth’s precious resources.