William Arnold selected as a Fellow of AEESP

William Arnold has been named a 2024 Fellow of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP). The official AEESP ceremony will be held June 18, 2024. 

Arnold is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and the Joseph T. and Rose S. Ling Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering at the University of Minnesota. He also serves as University of Minnesota Graduate Faculty in Water Resources Science, Graduate Faculty in Stream Restoration Science, is a Fellow at the Institute on the Environment and an Associate Fellow at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. William Arnold was selected as an AEESP Fellow based on his exemplary research and professional service. 

His research efforts unraveled the fundamental chemistry of organic pollutant transformation in aquatic environments. His efforts have led to improved understanding of reaction rates and byproducts and development of water treatment and remediation techniques. 

His innovative research in this area led directly to the banning of triclosan use in Minnesota, the development of new treatment technologies, and stronger predictive models, all of which safeguard public and ecological health. Most recently, Arnold’s research has contributed to the development of new methods for quantifying and treating or retaining poly- and per-fluorinated compounds.

His service to AEESP includes service on six different AEESP committees (chairing two) and on the Board of Directors, ultimately serving as President for 2021-2022. Arnold helped the organization navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic finding new ways to connect as a community. During his time as President (and president-elect before that), he helped implement the strategic plan developed under Joel Ducoste. Three key accomplishments of his term as President included, first, the establishment of a community engaged research task force to provide resources and a community of practice for those that engage with the public. The second was becoming part of the ACCESS+ cohort of professional societies, which allowed the organization to ensure that all members are welcome and represented in the organization. Lastly, Arnold co-led, with Jennifer Becker and Ray Hozalski, a fundraising effort to establish the new Edward Bouwer doctoral dissertation award. 

In the larger community, Arnold is often sought after to serve on committees for the National Academies and various advisory boards, including the Scientific Advisory Board for the San Francisco Estuary Institute and an Environmental Defense Fund working group. 

His colleague and department head, Paige Novak, describes Bill as an ideal scholar/leader who is making significant contributions to research and education.

Going forward, Arnold plans to remain active within AEESP and continue to seek out opportunities for the group to provide value to its members. He is particularly interested in mentorship for mid-career faculty. He will continue to promote and advise the organization, which he describes as his “home…where I can be an educator, a researcher, and a learner.”