2023 UMN Chemistry patents

In 2023, five Department of Chemistry faculty members were awarded patents for their advancements and discoveries. We are proud to embody the Driven to Discover mantra!

The Research & Innovation Office writes: "In 2023, UMN researchers were issued 98 US patents (foreign patents not included) ... Receiving a patent is an intellectual achievement for any researcher and a key commercialization milestone. A patent allows a discovery to be shared with the rest of the world and advances innovation in and across important fields and industries, including health care, the environment, education, and food production."

2023 UMN Chemistry Patents

Cationic Block Polymer Micelles for Delivery of DNA, RNA, and Proteins

Issued: 1/31/2023
Inventors: Tim Lodge; Theresa Marie Reineke; Zhe Tan; Yaming Jiang; Mitra S Ganewatta
Patent number: 11,564,884

Solid Contact Ion Selective Electrodes Based on Crosslinked Polymethacrylate Membranes

Issued: 1/31/2023
Inventors: Phil Buhlmann; Jinbo Hu; Xin Chen
Patent number: 11,567,030

Silicone Membrane Based Reference Electrodes

Issued: 2/7/2023
Inventors: Phil Buhlmann; Andreas Stein; Xin Chen
Patent number: 11,573,194

Cinchona Alkaloid Copolymers as Transfection Agents for Enhanced Gene Delivery and Gene Editing

Issued: 6/6/2023
Inventors: Theresa Marie Reineke; Craig Howard Van Bruggen
Patent number: 11,667,784

Active Flow Splitter for 2DLC

Issued: 7/4/2023
Inventors: Peter William Carr; Marcelo Filgueira; Carl W Sims; Klaus Witt
Patent number: 11,692,980