Varun Gadkari

Photo of Varun Gadkari

Varun Gadkari

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry


Smith Hall
Room 326
207 Pleasant Street Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455


B.S. Biochemistry, The Ohio State University, 2012
Ph.D. Biochemistry, The Ohio State University, 2017 (Advisor: Zucai Suo)
Postdoctoral Training, University of Michigan, 2017-2022 (Advisor: Brandon Ruotolo)

Research Interests

Analytical Chemistry
Bioanalytical Chemistry
Biological Chemistry
Chemical Biology
Structural Biology

Research Summary
The Gadkari Research Group seeks to bridge the gap between analytical and biological chemistry to make previously inaccessible biomolecular structural measurements. We develop innovative mass spectrometry-based structural biology techniques to make measurements of natively prepared nucleic acids, proteins, and their complexes. The group is particularly focused on studying these biomolecules in the context of neurodegenerative diseases, an area with the potential for high societal impact.

Research Group Website

Honors and Awards

2020 American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Emerging Talent in Academia (Seminar Link)

Selected Publications

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