Maddy Nyblade

The 2021 President's Student Leadership and Service Award was awarded to Maddy for "Building community with students engaging in antiracism work across the sciences!"  More specifically, the recognition of Maddy's work included these accomplishments:

  • As a graduate student on an interdisciplinary team of scientists working in partnership with several tribes and intertribal organizations to study and protect Manoomin (wild rice).
  • Over this past year, Maddy mentored several undergraduate students (REU and UROP) on the Manoomin project. 
  • Maddy started and co-organized a series of seminars on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in the department.
  • Maddy lead the qualitative analysis of our department climate survey conducted by the department's DEI Committee.
  • Maddy helped facilitate the ESCI undergrad and grad students coming together to write letters about our concerns and ideas regarding how the department could support antiracism work. Maddy has also regularly met with grad students across UMN to share strategies and support for this JEDI activism work. 
  • Maddy co-organized a workshop on JEDI student organizing as part of the Cultivating Leadership for Change and Justice in the Geosciences workshop series. This has lead the creation of a cross-institution student working group that meets monthly to share strategies and support for student JEDI activism in the geosciences.
  • Maddy helped organize a special session at AGU Fall Meeting 2020 on “Convergence, Collaboration, Justice and the Future of the Sciences”