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SRL/JEDI Seminars

Soft Rock Lunch (SRL) and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) seminars are hosted as hybrid meetings, with the in person meeting being held in TATE 401-20, and the virtual meeting happening via Zoom. Meetings are on Mondays at 12:10 p.m. The Zoom link for each individual seminar will be sent out in the weekly seminar announcement. If you do not receive these announcements and would like to join us for our virtual seminar, please contact Crystal Ng at gcng@umn.edu.

Fall 2021 Schedule
    *indicates JEDI Talk

September 13 
No Seminar

September 20    
Eric Barefoot
, post-doc researcher, Wickert Group, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Lithospheric Divots, what are they, and why do they exist?

September 27   
Zixuan Chen
, ESCI grad student, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

October 4
Gabriela Ines Diaz, Crystal Ng, and others, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Sharing session: Confronting Colonialism in ESCI (1 of 3-part workshop for developing a meaningful land acknowledgment and COMMITMENTS in ESCI)

October 11    
GSA Annual Meeting (No Seminar)

October 18
Min Liu, post-doc researcher, Kang Lab, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Applying Machine Learning to Predict Effective Geochemical Reaction Rates

October 25
Gabriela Ines Diaz
and Crystal Ng, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, with Iyekiyapiwin Darlene St. Clair, Lower Sioux Indian Community, St. Cloud State University
Introducing Proposed Commitments to Confront Colonization in ESCI (2nd of 3-part workshop for developing a meaningful land acknowledgment)

November 1*
Maddy Nyblade, Jabari Jones, ESCI grad students, DEI Committee, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Community-Engagement Workshop

November 8
Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati
, post-doc researcher, Wickert group, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

November 15
Open workshop for all ESCI members
Collectively Making Actionable Commitments in ESCI to Indigenous Peoples and Lands (3 of 3-part workshop for developing a meaningful land acknowledgment)

November 22
Harsh Anurag
, ESCI Grad Student, Ng Hydro Group, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

November 29

December 6
AGU Practice Presentations - Multiple presentors

December 13
No seminar - AGU

Tribal Relations with the MGS

AGU Sharing Science: Communicating Science with Any Audience

Learn How To:

  • Reach out to and connect with a group of your choosing
  • Prepare clear and compelling remarks that will resonate with your audience
  • Communicate via various mediums and modes

Advance sign-up is required and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The workshop is open to students and faculty.

Learn more

2021 ESCI Career Fair

Calling all students! 

Please join us in person* for the 2021 Career Fair for Earth & environmental sciences. Meet local industry employers, many of whom employ department alumni.

Questions? Please contact Director of Undergraduate Studies, Josh Feinberg at feinberg@umn.edu

Student and Employers - READ MORE at the Career Fair website.

*subject to change, depending on University rules and guidelines regarding Covid-19

PhD Thesis Defense of Dan Cazanacli

Probabilistic, Rule-Based Modeling of Deltaic Networks and Stratigraphy


Meeting ID: 936 3082 4529

Passcode: jUJd5n

Thesis advisor:  Dr. Chris Paola

PhD Thesis Defense of Patricia Kang

The record of fluid-rock interaction in oceanic subduction zones: insights from the compositions of lawsonite-bearing eclogite, blueschist, and metsomatite

Meeting ID: 996 5407 9625
Passcode: Y4qiXp

Thesis advisors: Donna L. Whitney and Christian Teyssier

PhD Thesis Defense of Mary Sabuda

An Interdisciplinary Geochemical and Genomics Approach to Understanding Fungal Selenium Transformations for the Bioremediation of Contaminated Waters

Advisor: Dr. Cara Santelli

MS Defense of Christine Newville

Investigating the Structure, Kinematics, and Timing of Exhumation of the Roan Window, Norway


Thesis advisors: Donna L. Whitney and Christian Teyssier

PhD Thesis Defense of Morgan Monz

A Study of Microfabric and Structures in Glacial Ice: insights from Storglaciären, northern Sweden


Meeting ID: 941 9129 0678
Passcode: iceiscool1

Advisor: Peter Hudleston, Professor Emeritus

PhD Thesis Defense of Leah Nelson

Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Glaciated Watersheds in the Inner Tropics

at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 7, 2021 via Zoom
Join Zoom Meeting

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Crystal Ng

PhD Thesis Defense of Hwaju Lee

An exploration of the effect of anisotropy on seismic tomography in different geological settings

 at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, May 19, 2021 via Zoom
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Thesis advisor:  Dr. Max Bezada