In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Roger LeB Hooke, 1939-2021

Roger passed away on March 10, 2021 following a skating accident.

From friend and colleague of Roger's, Prof. Emeritus Peter Hudleston:

Roger will be remembered by many students for his rigorous courses in geomorphology and glaciology and his highly popular field trips to Death Valley, with support often provided by his wife Ann. He will be remembered by both his colleagues and students for the dedication he gave to every task that he undertook and for his loyalty to those he developed friendships with.

Roger did pioneering work on alluvial fans in Death Valley, made significant contributions to glaciology, and was I believe the first to make the case that humans act as geomorphic agents on a scale equivalent to that of any natural process.  He recently completed the third edition of his textbook on glaciology.

After retirement from Minnesota, Roger “returned” to Maine where he continued research and teaching at the University of Maine up until the time of his death.  He will be greatly missed by all who knew him well and benefitted from his knowledge, friendship and support.