Summer Field Course - Costs

ALWAYS refer to the University's website for official costs:

Non-UMN degree seeking student will pay the same tuition costs. Please visit the UMN webpage for How to Register as a Non-degree seeking student or Continuing Education for Non-degree seeking students (both undergraduate and graduate).

If you have questions regarding tuition, college fees, or course fees, pleases contact OneStop directly. Be certain to specify your status (degree-seeking, non-degree seeking, in-state, out-of-state, etc.). 

Students can expect to pay

  • Tuition - many factors are involved in calculating summer tuition so, again, it is best to consult OneStop Student Services with questions.
    • (examples of factors: degree seeking student or not; resident or non-resident tuition; start date at the U; how many credits; what College; etc.)
  • Course fees pay for expenses related to the course being taught; typically field course fees include transportation (gas), lodging, meals, and basic supplies or lab analyses needed for the course (e.g. maps, field notebooks),
    • Course fees are calculated using historical data from previous years, and estimated costs and enrollment for the upcoming summer.
    • Course fees are submitted in spring of the fiscal year prior to the course being taught (e.g. for summer 2021, fees were submitted in spring 2020).
    • If total expenditures for the course are less than total course fees collected and the difference for each student is over $10, each student will receive a reimbursement for the overage.
  • Student Fees can include
    • Collegiate Fee (College of Science & Engineering, regardless of UMN BA or BS program)
    • Student Services Fees are based on # of credits; whether not student paid fees the previous spring semester; and whether or not health insurance is needed (e.g. non-UMN student without insurance).
    • University Transportation Fee

Again, due to the many factors involved in calculating tuition, ALWAYS refer to the University's website for official costs:


Earth & Environmental Sciences declared majors (both BA and BS) can apply for departmental field course scholarships.  Call for applications comes in spring semester, typically early- to mid-April.