IRM Postdoc Receives Honors

Plinio Jaqueto
IRM Postdoc, Plinio Jaqueto holding his CAPES - De Tese (CAPES - Thesis) award.

In 2022, the Brazilian Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), a council part of the Ministry of Education, awarded prizes to the best doctoral theses defended in 2021 in graduate programs in Brazil. Institute for Rock Magnetism (IRM) postdoc, Plinio Jaqueto received this National honor for his PhD titled "Speleothem Magnetism: Environmental and Geomagnetic Records from Brazil" (Advisor: Prof. Ricardo Trindade). 

For his work studying paleomagnetism on speleothems from Brazil, he was also honored with the Geological Society of America Karst Division's Young Scientist Award!