Getting started

About CSE Web Consolidation

Instead of departments and centers creating and hosting their own websites, the College of Science and Engineering websites will now provide web hosting and a content management system for all of our affiliated units through Drupal. 

This process allows units to quickly and effectively manage and update their own website, save time and money, and have access to the wide array of training and support the College will provide. Visit the Benefits of the CSE Web System webpage for more information on the benefits of web consolidation. 

Who we are

The College of Science and Engineering Communications team, the CSE web development team, and several University experts work to assist departments, centers and other units within the College with building their own personalized website. We provide consultation and training needed for units to migrate their current website to our website build, while also providing the tools needed to meet all accessibility, usability (including mobile), security and University branding standards.

To learn more about the website moving process, visit our Onboarding Process webpage


You control your own content. We are simply providing you a platform to host information and the support needed to guide the content creation process. Under the CSE web system, staff within the department or unit directly enter, change, delete or update website content.

Visit the Unit Responsibilities webpage to learn more about both your responsibilities as a unit and what the support the College provides. 


Support for websites within the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) is provided by multiple University partners in conjunction with college, school, and center staff:

  • College of Science and Engineering Communications Office helps transitioning departments or units develop plan and build their own new website in Drupal 8, integrated with the CSE web build. We provide the tools and resources for affiliates to build their own websites with personalized content and produce a website that fits their specific goals as units.

  • The Office of Internet Technology (OIT) gives new departments a brand new Drupal 8 website, provides the training materials to build a personalized website and works with the Drupal 8 team to ensure every affiliate is receiving full functionality across the platform.

  • The Usability Lab streamlines the onboarding process, administers user testing and assists in training content managers.

  • University Relations provides uniform branding with countless design and layout options under the Folwell Web Theme that give affiliated websites the freedom to build a website that fits their specific needs and style.

  • University of Minnesota Libraries assists to archive outdated website builds for future reference and use.

  • The Disability Resource Center ensures that affiliated websites are accessible for all people.