Site clean up instructions

The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) consolidated website is one of the largest Drupal Enterprise sites at the University containing over 10,000 pages and counting.

Due to the large size of the site it is extra important to only retain content that is needed. Removing outdated or irrelevant content makes it easier for visitors and future editors to navigate our site.

Below are some considerations and instructions for reviewing site content.

Page Statuses

Follow the instructions on creating a list of pages and reviewing pages for each of the following page statuses:

  • Archived pages are no longer visible to site visitors.
  • Draft pages have never been published or made available to site visitors.
  • Published pages are publicly available to site visitors.
  • Needs review indicates that the page is ready to be reviewed by another person in your unit.

Creating a List of Pages

  1. Click Manage Your Content on the Site Management Dashboard. You will be taken to the Manage Your Content screen that lists all pages in your site.
  2. Select the page status in the Status dropdown menu.
    • If you edit for multiple units select the unit you are reviewing in the Department/Unit dropdown menu.
  3. Click Apply. The list will filter to only show pages of the selected status in your site.

Reviewing Pages

  1. Review each page in the list of pages.
  2. Right click on the page title.
  3. Select Open link in new tab. The page opens in a new browser tab, keeping the list available.
  4. Review the contents of the page.
  5. Keep pages that:
    • Are seasonally updated and published (i.e. Career fair information). Consider archiving a seasonal page.
    • Have historical value.
  6. If needed, update the page content.
    1. Ensure the page is up to date.
    2. Fix any spelling or grammar errors.
    3. Update link text to improve accessibility.
    4. Improve alternative text for accessibility.
    5. Restructure the page to improve accessibility, scannability and maintainability.
  7. If the page is no longer needed, delete the page.
    1. Important: Deleting a page cannot be undone, only delete pages that are not needed.
    2. Click the Delete button on the page. You will be taken to a confirmation page.
      Screenshot of Drupal's delete button
    3. Click the Delete button again to confirm deletion of the page.