Website analytics consist of internet data such as page views, unique visitors, search terms, and more, all of which can give you insight into how people arrive at your site, how they use your site and how you can better cater to your users. As part of the consolidated College of Science and Engineering website, you will have access to this information through Google Data Studio reports.

Google Data Studio Reports

Our curated Data Studio reports are more user-friendly than what you would get from traditional Google Analytics. These are the key resources you'll have through Data Studio:

  • The Audience report provides the number of users visiting your site and some of their general behaviors.
  • The Traffic report lets you see how users are entering and exiting your site.
  • The Search report provides what search terms are used to enter your site.
  • The YouTube report displays general user behaviors on your YouTube channel.
  • The Single-page Analysis allows you to see the performance of a single page.
  • The GeoChart provides what search terms are used to enter your site from outside Minnesota and the United States.
  • The Broken Links report lets you see pages that display a “Page not found” message to users.