Content strategy services

What is content?

Content can be in various forms like text or video and published in different channels like email or social media. A good content strategy takes all of these things into account to ensure the varying forms and channels flow together to help you achieve a specific goal. 

Measuring the effectiveness of your communications

Marketing communications can be straightforward or have a complex user funnel that incorporates several forms and channels for one campaign. For units that are part of the college’s consolidated website, we build a custom analytics dashboard for each unit to see how your communications fit together. The dashboard pulls metrics from a variety of sources and is presented in an easy-to-use format.

Screenshot of a DataStudio analytics dashboard for the CSE website
DataStudio analytics dashboards allow your unit or department to see your website's audience, how traffic flows through your site, and many other insights.

Learn more about how dashboards work on the analytics page.

Content strategy for SEO

Your website’s content and how it’s structured directly impact how easy or difficult it is for your audiences to find your content. Search engine optimization, SEO, is a process of improving your content’s ranking on search engine result pages. A good content strategy with the CSE dashboard can help you refine your SEO to help your audiences find your content. 

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Content strategy is a vast topic. You might be wondering how to start or maybe you may have a solid understanding and would like to refine your communications. No matter where you’re at, we can help.

For help with content strategy or if you want to request an analytics dashboard for your department or unit, contact Rob McIntosh at

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