Onboarding process

All sites required to consolidate and onboard to CSE Web have now done so.

Personal Websites

If you are looking to create a personal website, you may choose from the following options:

Changing or Adding New Editors

Primary contacts should email help@umn.edu to update editor information or request to add a new editor, including the following information:

  • Website name(s) or URL(s)
  • Internet ID(s) of the editor(s)
  • If the individual(s) should be added to or removed from the site(s)

Requests for access changes are validated by confirming each request comes from the unit's primary contact(s). If a request comes from someone else, S&WD will check with the unit’s primary contact for approval.

New Editor Onboarding

  1. Once the unit's primary contact has emailed help@umn.edu, new CSE Web editors will be added to and must complete the University’s Digital Accessibility Foundations course before getting access to the website.
  2. Once S&WD verifies Digital Accessibility Foundations course completion, editors will be added to the website.
  3. New editors are added to the CSE Drupal Editor Google Group.
    • The CSE Drupal Editors Google Group is for CSE web editors to connect with other editors, and to discuss issues and workarounds in Drupal.
  4. New editors are enrolled in the CSE Drupal Training (Canvas course).

Editor Audits

S&WD will reach out to primary contacts to conduct a quarterly editor audit. This audit helps ensure only people who should have access to the site, can edit it.


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