Drupal's Categories feature provides a way to group content together so that users can more easily navigate between related pages, news, feature stories, and events. You can select categories for pages, events, or news items in your edit window's "Department" tab. You can also categorize photos and videos as you upload them in order to better organize your media library. 

Page categories

Basic pages include a "More About" section, which is automatically populated by links to other pages in the same category. You can add a “More About” section to advanced or unit landing pages using the content listing widget.

More about screenshot

News and feature story categories

News and feature stories will automatically populate a “Related news releases” or “Related feature stories” section—similar to the “More About” section—with links to other news/stories in the same category.

Event categories

Events display affiliated categories at the bottom of the event description.

Screenshot of the category name on an event page
Screenshot of the category name on an event page

How to create categories

  1. Navigate to your Site Management. There, you'll find the Categories section of quick links.
  2. Select the link for the categories of content type you'd like to manage. NOTE: Basic, advanced, and unit landing pages share categories. News, events, and feature stories do not share categories.
    Screenshot of the categories edit links on the site management page
    Screenshot of the categories edit links on the site management page
  3. Select "+Add category" at the top of the page. 
  4. Fill out the category name and display title.
    • The name is only seen on the internal list of categories and won't be seen by the website users.
    • If you are creating subcategories, use slashes within the name.
      • For example, if you have the overarching category of "Students" but want to have the subcategory of "Academic Advising" within that category, fill out the name as "Students / Academic Advising."
    • Note: If there is a space at the beginning of the category display name it will show first in the list.
    Add categories screenshot
  5. Click save. The newly created category should now appear in the "Departments" tab of your window when editing pages, events, or news.