Images and media

To learn how to upload and add images to a page in Drupal, revisit the CSE Drupal Canvas Training.

If you need access to the Canvas course, email and request to be added. 

Customizable Image Settings

Images added to a page using the Media Library button in the CKEditor allow for some display settings to be customized.

  • The Display as dropdown menu lets you select the image embed size.
  • The Align radio buttons lets you select the image alignment on the page.

Featured and Widget Images

You can also add images within widgets or to a basic page using the Select Media button, which appears in the Featured Image section of the Images edit tab on basic pages and in multiple widgets including the Portal Group and Carousel widgets. will appear with predefined display settings. Review the recommended image sizes for predefined images.

Change a Featured or Widget Image

Once an image is selected, the Select Media button will be replaced with a Current Selection section with a preview of the selected image and options to remove or edit the image.

  • To change the image, Remove the current image and select a new image.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not click Edit to change the image. This will change the image everywhere it appears on the site.
  • Use Edit to update information such as alt text, the caption, or photo credit.

Change the Focal Point of an Image

You can change the focal point of an image you upload to the site so that it centers properly in widgets that crop the image such as the People Highlight Group or Department News widgets.

NOTE: Changing the focal point of an image will change it site-wide. Be careful if you reuse an image across your site.

  1. Click View All Media on the Site Management Dashboard.
  2. Find the image you want to adjust the focal point for.
  3. Click Edit next to the image. You will be taken to the edit image page.
  4. At the top of the page, there will be a thumbnail preview of the image with crosshairs on it. By default the focal point crosshairs are in the center of the image.
    Screenshot of Image Settings. The crosshairs in the image preview are selected.
  5. Click where you want the new focal point of the image to be.
  6. Save the image settings.