Image sizing

Certain image sizes work better than others in Drupal. See below for guidelines on resizing images to fit the web. 

Recommended Sizes for Images Within the CKEditor

Folwell Image StyleMinimum Width
Folwell Fifth Page Image250 px
Folwell Third Page Image400 px
Folwell Half Page Image600 px
Folwell Full Page Image1200 px

Recommended Sizes for Images on Pages

Content TypeImage FieldSizeAspect Ratio
EventFeatured Image900 x 600 px3:2
Basic PageFeatured Image900 x 600 px3:2
Feature StoryFeatured Image900 x 600 px3:2
NewsFeatured Image900 x 600 px3:2
Unit Landing PageBanner2000 x 885 px  
Person PageFeatured Image750 x 5002:3

Recommended Sizes for Images Within Widgets

WidgetSizeAspect Ratio
Banner Header2000 x 885 px  
Folwell Slideshow1200 x 800 3:2
Folwell Overlay Slideshow1200 x 675
*On Unit Landing Pages, the size should be 2000 x 1125 because landing pages are full-width
By the Numbers360 x 360 
Portal Group680 x 4533:2
People Highlight Group - Slider1200 x 600 w/ focus on center2:1
People Highlight Group - Rectangle600 x 4003:2