Drupal resources

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source web content management system that will be used by all units throughout the College of Science and Engineering. This software will offer you multiple ways to organize, publish and customize your web content.

Once again, please remember that you are responsible for creating and editing your website's content. Our CSE team is merely providing the platform and tools for you to do so and creating a more accessible web environment for our students, faculty and staff. Visit the CSE web system overview page to learn more about the services we are providing. 


Once you have prepared your content and developed your website's organization, you will be required to complete our Drupal Training course on Canvas, which you must request access to by contacting the CSE Web Development team via email. The resources on this website are meant to help you understand how Drupal works before you do the training.

Logging into Drupal for the first time can be intimidating. Learn how to navigate Drupal and its website management on the Navigating Drupal webpage.

Visit the pages within the editing basics drop-down menu to see what your editing window will look like and to learn where you'll be organizing and creating content. 

Make sure to familiarize yourself with our list of Drupal and web editing terms before you begin the training course.