CSE web overview

The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Web System is an evolving system made up of custom CSE components and Folwell elements in Drupal. The elements in the web system can be combined in many ways to make creative and consistent CSE websites.

Any CSE affiliated department or unit can use the CSE Web System at no cost with no technical maintenance necessary. 

To learn more about Drupal or other website options, visit the Onboarding Process webpage

Editor Responsibilities

Site editors are responsible for:


The CSE Web System is supported by multiple partners providing:

  • A content management platform for your website.
  • Training, tips, and resources for building and maintaining your website.
  • Consultations on web best practices and strategies.
  • Analytics for your site.
  • Continual addition of Folwell Design System elements.
  • Continual improvement of the CSE Web System.


Support for websites within the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) is provided by multiple University partners in conjunction with college, school, and center staff:

  • College of Science and Engineering Software & Web Development helps transitioning departments or units develop, plan, and build their new website in Drupal Enterprise.
  • College of Science and Engineering Communications Office helps departments or units strategize website content, design, or branding and provides site analytics resources.
  • The Office of Information Technology (OIT) hosts the Drupal Enterprise platform and manages the security certificate and security updates.
  • The Usability Lab streamlines the onboarding process, administers user testing and assists in training content managers.
  • University Relations provides uniform branding with countless design and layout options under the Folwell Web Theme that give affiliated websites the freedom to build a website that fits their specific needs and style.
  • University of Minnesota Libraries archives websites for historical purposes, if needed.
  • The Disability Resource Center ensures that affiliated websites are accessible for all people.


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