NMR Industrial Clients

We offer a range of services to external organizations, including standard one- and two-dimensional proton, carbon, fluorine, and phosphorus experiments as well as more exotic nuclei like lithium, deuterium, nitrogen, boron, silicon, and aluminum.

What services do you provide?

The NMR laboratory provides access to modern spectroscopic techniques for analysis of compounds ranging from small molecules (e.g., synthetic intermediates and organometallic compounds) to polymers. Using our five instruments, including four autosamplers, we have the capability to deliver superior results for small, one sample jobs up to the large automation of hundreds of samples per week. We can perform variable temperature (-100 °C to +150 °C) experiments and collect solvent suppressed spectra in 90% H2O and no-D solvents. We pride ourselves on prompt sample turnaround times (often same-day service). Please note: we do not interpret the data for you.

Sample submissions

Samples to be analyzed by personnel in the NMR laboratory should be delivered in a 5 mm NMR tube dissolved in an appropriate deuterated solvent such that the height of the sample in the tube is 4 cm (0.55 mL solvent). We recommend Wilmad (or Norell or New Era equivalent) 507 quality tubes for the 400 MHz instruments and 528 quality tubes for the 500 MHz instruments.  7-inch or 8-inch 5 mm tubes may be used. The parameters for the hands-on instruments can be adjusted according to individual needs. If you do not have NMR tubes or solvents, we can provide them for you.

Read the guidelines and rates information and fill out the sample submission form, which must be included with all samples.

How to get results?

Results can be picked up in person, faxed or mailed as hard-copies or provided as electronic raw data files or in PDF format. Once the service is completed, NMR personnel will return any unused substance to the company, if requested.