NMR Resources

The University and others provide free third-party software and nuclear magnetic resonance spectral databases.

Scheduling NMR time

Use Secure Shell to schedule time: ssh clients (ssh to nmr.chem.umn.edu)

Transferring data

To transfer NMR data, use an SFTP program to connect to echo.chem.umn.edu, use port 22, with your username and password (SFTP Directions). You can access other people's directories once you are logged in. If after connecting, you get a message about a security key, say "yes" that it is a trusted connection.

WinSCP: transferring data to your computer (SFTP to echo.chem.umn.edu)

Remote processing using third-party software

Data generated on spectrometers in the NMR laboratory may be processed off-line, using any of several data stations in the lab. Data may also be downloaded and processed using third-party software. The NMR lab does not provide technical support for any third-party software.

Third-party NMR processing programs include: 

Spectral Database