NMR Personnel

Staff members include two scientists with doctorate degrees and two graduate student teaching assistants.

Letitia Yao, Ph.D., NMR director
Bachelor of Arts (chemistry), College of Wooster (1985-1989)
Doctorate (chemistry), University of Minnesota (1989-1995)
Post-Doctorate (NMR), University of California, San Francisco (1995-1997)
Joined facility staff: March 1997

Stephen "Steve" Philson, Ph.D. (part-time), NMR wizard
Artium Baccalaureus (physics), Washington University, St. Louis (1965-1969)
Master of Science, Doctorate (physics), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1969 1977)
Post-Doctorate (physiology), University of California, Irvine (1977)
Post-Doctorate (NMR), Carnegie-Mellon University (1978-1981)
Joined facility staff: February 1981
Retired: November 2013

Stephen Dempsey, NMR teaching assistant
Bachelor of Science (chemistry), Augustana College (2016)
Master's (chemistry), University of Minnesota (2018)
Doctorate candidate (chemistry), University of Minnesota (2016-present)
Joined facility staff: January 2020

Evan Beaumier, NMR teaching assistant
Bachelor of Science (chemistry), Michigan State University (2015)
Doctorate candidate (chemistry), University of Minnesota (2015-present)
Joined facility staff: September 2017

NMR Oversight Committee
Professor Christopher Douglas