Advanced pages


Advanced pages are useful for creating webpages with more complex design features and a more flexible layout. They are made up of widgets, which are different design features that will allow you to post text in multiple columns, create image slideshows, embed calendar events, and much more. Check out our Sample Advanced Page for an example.

Visit the Drupal Widgets page for a breakdown of the widgets available and their uses.

Sample advanced page screenshot

Editing an advanced page

Once you create an advanced page, you'll be brought to an edit window, similar to that of a basic page. You can also reach this by clicking on the "Edit" tab above the page's title. 

Similar to a basic page's edit window, there are General, Department, and Access tabs on the lefthand side of the screen. There are no featured image, related content, or more about blocks on advanced pages. Instead, advanced pages contain a Widgets section underneath those tabs.

Advanced page edit window screenshot

Adding a widget

By selecting from a drop-down menu, you can add widgets to your advanced page and rearrange them as needed using the gray plus signs on the lefthand side. 

Widget drop-down screenshot