Banner header

The banner header is a special widget that is only available on unit landing pages. This widget is required on unit landing pages. The banner header is made up of a banner image, title text, lead-in text, and optional callout buttons.

Example of a unit landing banner header
Example of a banner header widget on a unit landing page

The banner header widget contains three main components:

  • The Banner is the background image. NOTE: The optimal size for a banner image is 2048x1264.
  • The Leadin is the text that will appear under the page title on a background, which color you will also be able to choose. Currently, background color options are gold, gray, and red.
  • The Callout is optional, and it allows you to change the icon and the text in the circle as well as to link it to a page.

How to edit the banner header

Screenshot of the banner header edit window
Screenshot of the banner header edit window
  1. Click the “Edit” button in the banner header section to open the editing options. If you are creating a new unit landing page, click the “Add Banner Header” button to open an empty banner header section.
  2. The Banner section is where you can upload a banner image.
  3. The Leadin Text and Color section creates the overlay text at the bottom of the banner.
    • Create a leadin by typing text into the Leadin field. 
    • Create a leadin link that will appear below the leadin text by entering a link in the “URL” text box. Then, type the link name in the “Link Text” field.
    • Select a background color for the leadin from the “Leadin Background” dropdown menu. NOTE: The callout button color is determined by the leadin background color.
  4. The Callout Link Options section creates circular callout buttons on the right side of the overlay text bar. You can choose if you want one large circle callout or 1-3 small circle callouts.
    • Click “Single Link Setting” for one large circle callout. Then, enter a URL and link text in the respective fields. Optional: Select an icon to display above the callout text.
    • Click “Multiple Link Settings” for 1-3 small callouts. Three sets of a URL and Link text fields will appear. Fill in the number of small callout buttons you want.