Folwell Overlay Slideshow

What is it?

A Folwell Overlay Slideshow is a widget that allows you to create a photo slideshow with text overlaying the photos. This is one new slideshow option that has replaced the old Carousel widget (in addition to the Folwell Slideshow widget), now updated to match the University's Folwell style. The Folwell Overlay Slideshow widget displays the photo across the whole slide with the option to overlay text on the left or right (see example below).

Folwell Overlay Slideshow example
Example of a Folwell Overlay Slideshow with text on the right

How do I use it?

While editing an advanced or unit landing page, navigate to the widget drop-down menu and select "Folwell Overlay Slideshow." You can fill out the title field if you'd like a title to go across the top of the widget. Editing this widget is similar to editing the old Carousel widget. A slide is automatically added for you, then you can upload a photo and add content to the CKEditor field.

Folwell Overlay Slideshow editing fields
Folwell Overlay Slideshow editing fields

At the bottom, select "Left" or "Right" to place your text accordingly. To add more slides, simply select the "Add Overlay Slide" button.

Left and right button on Folwell Overlay Slideshow
Folwell Overlay Slideshow display options

See examples of Folwell Slideshows and learn more about best practice and accessibility for slideshows on the Folwell website.