Plan C for M.S.C.E./M.S.Geo.E.

The Master of Science Plan C is a coursework-only program and requires completion of at least 30 credits of coursework, which must include

  • at least two courses at the 8000 level,
  • at least 100 hours of work on class projects,
  • a course in which an oral presentation (minimum 10 minutes) is delivered, and
  • at least two hours of ethics training.

Courses that meet Plan C project, oral presentation, and ethics requirements are listed in Appendix A of the CEGE Graduate Handbook.

Coursework for the Graduate Degree Plan is selected in consultation with the faculty advisor, to meet the needs and interests of the student. All Graduate Degree Plans must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

For additional details on program requirements and milestones, consult the CEGE Graduate Handbook.

Plan C must include a minimum of 30 Credits:

  • 20 “Core” Credits
    “Core” Credits =
    • Registered while a degree-seeking U of MN student in your program
    • “Core” credits start the first semester of matriculation
    • Unique to the graduate program
  • 10 Other Credits
    Other credits =
    • Taken as non-degree seeking student
    • Transfered from another institution
    • Taken in another graduate program (i.e., credits in common)
    • Graduate–level credits taken in the undergraduate program
  • 30 Total Minimum Credits

At least 2 courses at the 8XXX level must be completed. Courses that can’t be used for the 8xxx level requirement are the seminar courses: CEGE 8200, CEGE 8300, CEGE 8400, CEGE 8500 and the ethics course CEGE 8581/WRS 8581.

The student must complete a minimum of 100 hours of project work in increments of 40 hours per project or greater. The projects are to be performed as part of specific courses in civil engineering and geoengineering that comply with the M.S. Plan C project requirements. See Appendix (Plan C Requirement List). If there are classes that are not on the list you want to use and have project hours, please attach the syllabus to the tracking form. If you don’t know which courses have project hours you can reach out to the instructor teaching the course and ask.

Students enrolled in the M.S. Plan C option must also complete two hours of Ethics training before they graduate. The Citi Ethics online training can be used to complete this requirement.