Closed Math Course Registration

Qualifications to Receive Permission to Enter a Closed Math Class

  • Student is able to register immediately for the class requested (at proper date/time in registration queue);
  • No active holds prevent immediate registration;
  • Prerequisite course(s) are successfully completed;
  • If no prerequisite course for a lower level Math course (MATH 1001, 1031, 1051, 1151, 1142, 1271, 1371), a current U of M online placement test score may be used to indicate readiness; email to request set-up of Math placement testing;
  • No time conflicts with other classes;
  • Request is received well before the term's census date (1st day of 3rd week of classes); as of (and immediately preceding) the census date, all change requests must be made by the student via petition to the student's college.

How to Request Permission to Enter a Closed Math Class

Send an email to with this information:

In the subject line of the email include:

  • 4-digit course number (Ex. Math 1001)
  • and term (Spring 2021)  

In the main text of the email Include:

  • your Student Name and
  • U of M ID number (if you have one)

For each section of each course include:

  • Course Number (Ex.: Math 1001)
  • Section Number (Ex.: 012)
  • Class number (5-digit Ex.: 12345)
  • Reason(s) why you can't register to open section(s) in course(s)

Without this information, the reply to your email will be a request to provide the missing information. Permission requests for math classes will not be considered until the registration queue begins.

Time Line for Receiving Permission or Denial Message

  • Allow a minimum of 3 (three) business days (M-F) for reply after sending your request. 
  • High volumes of permissions requests may require longer wait times.
  • Please do not inquire about the status of your request until at least 5 (five) business days (M-F) after sending your request.
  • Permission to enter a closed/restricted section is active only for a specified time. The deadline date to register by permission is included in our email response to your request.

Delays in Processing Request for Permission to Enter a Closed Math Class

  • Missing information needed to process request;
  • Multiple requests for same class from same individual (increases volume of requests);
  • High volume of requests

Denial of Request for Permission to Enter a Closed Math Course

  • Maximum enrollment cap for class has been reached;
  • Student does not have prerequisite requirement(s);
  • Student does not meet the criteria of the priority seating;
  • Student is not able to register when request is received (either due to an active hold on student's record or student's registration queue date is later);
  • Student has multiple conflicting requests