Math Grad Students Work to Keep the U of M Welcoming for International Students

The Department, College, and University all applaud our mathematics graduate students' continuing efforts to reach out to public decision-makers and to foster a welcoming environment for students from around the world to come to the US to pursue graduate degrees. 

The graduate students are spearheading an ongoing effort to rescind the Department of Homeland Security's proposed unrealistic restrictions on the duration of international graduate students's visas. Their activities included a virtual visit with members of Minnesota's Congressional delegation in November sponsored by the American Mathematical Society (AMS), and writing a letter, signed by 61 graduate students, 9 postdocs, 42 faculty, and 9 alumni, to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who responded at length, positively and thankfully. Andy Hardt and Mahrud Sayrafi coauthored an AMS blog entry which contains more information on this initiative.