PDEs of incompressible fluid flows, computer assisted proofs and neural networks

Event Overview

The aim of the conference is to bring together both experts and young scholars in three areas undergoing rapid progress: PDEs of fluid dynamics, computer assisted proofs and machine learning, to discuss the latest developments and facilitate discussion and collaboration.

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  • Javi Serrano Gomez  – Brown University                    
  • Ching-Yao Lai – Stanford University  
  • Yongji Wang – Princeton University
  • Jiajie Chen – New York University
  • In-jee Jeong – Seoul National University
  • Sanchit Chaturvedi – New York University
  • Jia Shi – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Joonhyun La – Korea Institute for Advanced Study
  • Tristan Leger – New York University
  • Raj Beekie – Duke University
  • Xinyu Zhao – McMaster University
  • Sifan Wang – University of Pennsylvania
  • Susanna Haziot – Brown University


  • Tristan Buckmaster
  • Javier Serrano Gomez
  • Alexandru Ionescu
  • Hao Jia
  • Ching-Yao Lai


Supported by NSF DMS-2245228 "FRG: Collaborative Research: Singularities in incompressible flows: computer assisted proofs and physics-informed neural networks”

Start date
Friday, April 12, 2024, 8 a.m.
End date
Sunday, April 14, 2024, Noon

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Join remotely via this Zoom link.
Meeting ID: 980 4753 4293
Passcode: 4Gdvfp