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Mathematics Project at Minnesota wins 2024 Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference Award from AMS

MINNESOTA / ST. PAUL (11/15/2023) – The Mathematics Project at Minnesota (MPM) has been recently awarded a 2024 Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference Award from the American Mathematical Society (AMS). MPM – a winter workshop run by School of Mathematics graduate students – aims to help underrepresented undergraduate students make connections on campus and gain confidence in their high-level mathematics skills.

For the past five years, MPM has served as an invaluable resource for both program mentors and participants. The week is a blend of professional development, social activities, and individual mathematical projects. MPM organizer Elise Catania says: “a major goal of the workshop is to make participants feel like they are mathematicians, so that’s what a lot of our activities aim to do. The idea is ‘Yes, you are a mathematician!’”

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For all that they do in the pursuit of making mathematics more inclusive and accessible, MPM was selected for the 2024 Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference Award by AMS. In 2005, the AMS established the award to highlight mathematics programs that are succeeding and that could serve as a model for others. The award recognizes outstanding programs that have successfully addressed the issues of underrepresented groups in mathematics. One program is selected each year and is awarded $1,000 by the Mark Green and Kathryn Kert Green Fund for Inclusion and Diversity.

The powerful outcomes and intrinsic value of MPM are undeniable. We hope that this critical program will continue to empower and engage students for many years to come – that’s why we chose MPM as our 2024 Give to the Max Day initiative. Our community raised just over $500 to support MPM! Sustained by your support, MPM seeks to expand the winter workshop to invite more students to participate and host satellite events throughout the year to help the spirit of the community thrive. Directed gifts to MPM will make a lasting difference on the lives of young mathematicians at the University of Minnesota