Recent Advances in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Event Overview

Recent Advances in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations will be held from May 13 through May 17, 2024, at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. The conference provides much needed opportunities for participants to keep track of the significant developments in some of the most active research areas in PDEs. The talks are arranged at a leisurely pace over one week, to allow participants ample time to interact with experts in their area of interest. Panel discussions on career developments and experts-led sessions on open problems will further enhance the involvement of participants in the conference. Speakers will be asked for permission to record their talks that will be made publicly available for a wider accessibility. Special attention will be paid to advertise and recruit participants from underrepresented groups.

The analysis of fluid equations and Calculus of Variations (CVs) is undergoing very rapid and significant progress in recent years. The conference features a wide scope of active topics in both fluid equations and calculus of variations. Specifically, the scientific themes of the conference include (i) Computation and Computer Assisted Proofs in PDEs, (ii) Convex Integration Techniques and its Applications, (iii) Regularity theory of the Euler and Navier Stokes equations, (iv) Hydrodynamic stability in high Reynolds number regime, (v) Calculus of Variations from material sciences. Important breakthroughs have been achieved in recent years in all these closely related areas. CVs is a fertile source of ideas for many branches of PDEs including fluid equations. It is hoped that by bringing together experts from both areas a cross-fertilization is more likely to occur. 

Event Schedule



  • Kyungkeun Kang – Yonsei University
  • Gregory Seregin – University of Oxford
  • Alexander Kiselev – Duke University
  • John Ball – Heriot-Watt University
  • Thierry Gallay – Université Grenoble Alpes Institut Fourier
  • Laszlo Szekelyhidi – Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
  • Camillo De Lellis – Institute for Advanced Study
  • Richard James – University of Minnesota
  • Javi Gomez-Serrano – Brown University
  • Connor Mooney – University of California, Irvine
  • Jacob Bedrossian – University of California, Los Angeles
  • Anna Mazzucato – Pennsylvania State University
  • Peter Constantin – Princeton University
  • Peter Polacik –  University of Minnesota
  • Julien Guillod – Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Sorbonne Université
  • Hyunju Kwon – ETH Zürich
  • Irene Fonseca – Carnegie Mellon University
  • Robert Kohn – New York University
  • Svitlana Mayboroda – University of Minnesota
  • Blair Davey – Montana State University

Lecture titles & abstracts


  • Dallas Albritton – University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Tarek Elgindi – Duke University
  • Hao Jia – University of Minnesota
  • Tai-Peng Tsai – University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • Vlad Vicol – New York University
  • Xiaodong Yan – University of Connecticut

The conference is supported by NSF DMS-2346780: "Conference: Recent advances in nonlinear Partial Differential Equations." The event is also sponsored in part by the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.

Start date
Monday, May 13, 2024, 9 a.m.
End date
Friday, May 17, 2024, Noon

All talks are hosted in 16 Vincent Hall (Basement Level) and coffee breaks will take place in the first floor lounge.

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN