Tylan-Oxidation Tube

Type: Deposition-Thermal

Description: Tube furnaces at ambient pressure for oxidation, annealing, and alloying.

Substrate Compatibility: Varying sizes allowed, from pieces, all the way up to 6 inch wafers. Strict contamination controls need to be observed.

Location: Keller-Bay 1

Badger Name: K1 Oxidation Tube 13 High Temp Tylan, K1 Oxidation Tube 14 Gate Oxide Tylan, K1 Oxidation Tube 15 General Tylan, K1 Oxidation Tube 16 Alloy Tylan

Supplemental Material: Tube 13 SPC ChartTube 14 SPC ChartTube 15 SPC Chart

Training: Review the SOP prior to requesting training.