CS&E faculty, students, and alumni instrumental in DEEPSPATIAL2021

The recent 2nd ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Deep Learning for Spatiotemporal Data, Applications, and Systems (DEEPSPATIAL 2021) had strong support and service from Department of Computer Science & Engineering faculty, students, and alumni.

This workshop provided a premium platform for both research and industry to exchange ideas on opportunities, challenges, and cutting-edge techniques of deep learning in spatiotemporal data, applications, and systems.

Of the six co-chairs, four have ties to the University of Minnesota and the Computer Science & Engineering department. Distinguished McKnight University Professor Shashi Shekhar served as co-chair, along with two of his Ph.D. advisees, Xun Zhou (Ph.D. 2014) and Zhe Jiang (Ph.D. 2016). Jieping Ye (Ph.D. 2005), who was advised by Professor Ravi Janardan, also was a co-chair for the workshop.

Professor Shekhar also was one of the keynote speakers, and gave his talk titled "What is special about spatial data science and Geo-AI?".

Six papers were accepted to the workshop, and half came from current CS&E researchers or alumni: