From Cloud to Edge: A First Look at Public Edge Platforms [conference paper]


ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) - November 2-4, 2021


Mengwei Xu, Zhe Fu, Xiao Ma, Li Zhang, Yanan Li, Feng Qian (associate professor), Shangguang Wang, Ke Li, Jingyu Yang, Xuanzhe Liu


Public edge platforms have drawn increasing attention from both academia and industry. In this study, we perform a first-of-its-kind measurement study on a leading public edge platform that has been densely deployed in China. Based on this measurement, we quantitatively answer two critical yet unexplored questions. First, from end users’ perspective, what is the performance of commodity edge platforms compared to cloud, in terms of the end-to-end network delay, throughput, and the application QoE. Second, from the edge service provider’s perspective, how are the edge workloads different from cloud, in terms of their VM subscription, monetary cost, and resource usage. Our study quantitatively reveals the status quo of today’s public edge platforms, and provides crucial insights towards developing and operating future edge services.

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From Cloud to Edge: A First Look at Public Edge Platforms


edge computing