Managing App Testing Device Clouds: Issues and Opportunities [conference paper]


Proceedings of the 35th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), LBR track - September 22, 2020


Mattia Fazzini (assistant professor), Alessandro Orso


Given that creating an in-house test lab is expensive and time-consuming to maintain, companies and app developers often use device clouds to test their apps. To ensure that this service is functional, cloud organizations need to use management software to control test executions and perform frequent system updates to patch possible issues with the devices. In this paper, we present a preliminary study investigating issues and highlighting research opportunities for managing and maintaining device clouds. In the study, we analyzed more than 12 million test executions on 110 devices. We found that the management software of the cloud infrastructure we considered affected some test executions, and almost all the cloud devices had at least one security-related issue.

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Managing App Testing Device Clouds: Issues and Opportunities


software engineering, software testing