Unveiling IoT Devices Provisioning Process [poster]

Unveiling IoT Devices Provisioning Processes poster


ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) - November 2-4, 2021


Rostand A. K. Fezeu (Ph.D. student), Timothy J. Salo (Ph.D. student), Amy Zhang (undergraduate student researcher), Zhi-Li Zhang (professor)


In this paper, we conduct a first measurement study to examine the provisioning process used by smart home IoT devices. Through reverse-engineering techniques, we capture, decrypt and analyze the message exchanges among IoT devices, the vendor-specific mobile app and vendor cloud services, and investigate their security and privacy implications. Furthermore, we carry out a series of experiments and demonstrate the feasibility of developing an open, edge-centric framework for device isolation and device/network/cloud segregation, with an eye towards automatically setting up, managing and securing IoT devices.

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Unveiling IoT Devices Provisioning Process


networking, Internet of Things