Jinglin Li Brings Learning to Your Living Room


Department of Computer Science & Engineering student Jinglin Li is bringing the classroom to numerous living rooms through her virtual tutoring service for students. Living Room Tutors, founded by Li, is a completely free tutoring service meant to lessen the hardships brought by pandemic-era learning.

The idea for Living Room Tutors sparked in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Li recognized the challenges her younger siblings faced with the new setting of online learning and the extra help warranted. Living Room Tutors matches students with qualified tutors to get the help they need. 

“Tutoring is a valuable, effective intervention for the educational trajectories of students; it doesn’t make sense that only a limited number of students can access it,” Li said. “I wanted Living Room Tutors to be as accessible as possible.”

Li’s dedication to helping fellow students extends to her life at the University of Minnesota where she serves as a community advisor in her residence hall. She has continued to cultivate programs designed to make learning more accessible to students. Li additionally continues exploring the range of opportunities a computer science degree offers. She is optimistic about all that can be accomplished through computer science. 

“Computers and computer models present many opportunities to address major global problems. The unknown of how computation could change the world motivates me to be a part of the exploration and discovery of new technologies.”

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