Jungseok Hong wins scholarship during KOCSEA 2021

Congratulations to Interactive Robotics and Vision Lab Ph.D. candidate Jungseok Hong on his 2nd place scholarship award for leading the work on semantic obstacle avoidance for robots at the 21st Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America (KOCSEA) Technical Symposium, held November 6-7, 2021.

The paper, Semantically-Aware Strategies for Stereo-Visual Robotic Obstacle Avoidance, proposes an obstacle avoidance module that combines visual instance segmentation with a depth map to classify and localize objects in the scene.

Semantically-Aware Strategies for Stereo-Visual Robotic Obstacle Avoidance poster

Jungseok Hong collaborated with fellow lab members Karin de Langis (Ph.D. student), Cole Wyeth (undergraduate research assistant), Christopher Walaszek (undergraduate research assistant), and Junaed Sattar (assistant professor) on the research.

Hong is a Ph.D. candidate focusing on computer vision-inspired research and localization topics in robotics under the supervision of assistant professor Junaed Sattar.

KOCSEA is a non-profit organization of Korean and Korean-American computer scientists and engineers in North America, with the goal to “promote communication, information exchange, and cooperation among its members and to provide opportunities for them to make contributions to computer-related fields in Korea and U.S.”