Industry Affiliates Council charter

In order to effectively fulfill its mission, the University of Minnesota Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) is committed to reaching out to industry.

We recognize our three-way partnership with industry:

  • Educating students who become skilled/employees,
  • Conducting both basic and applied research that inform and advance industry, and
  • Outreach activities both to and with industry, including continuing education and developing and diversifying interest in computing.

This partnership is embodied in an Industry Affiliates Council that helps CS&E maintain strong relationships with the corporate community, contributing to outreach and a strategic direction that foster intellectual, scientific and economic vitality.


  • Advise the department with regard to academic, programmatic, and strategic issues
  • Communicate the needs of the corporate community and the community at large, and address the extent to which CS&E is meeting these needs
  • Assist in the advocacy and promotion of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering locally, nationally, and globally, creating understanding of and confidence in its programs, faculty, and graduates
  • Facilitates industry awareness of and access to department publications, lectures, faculty, and students
  • Provide philanthropic and/or sponsored research support through industry commitments to support student activities, scholarships and fellowships, outreach activities, and research to enable CS&E to better fulfill its mission

Election and membership

Council membership is open to companies and other organizations with an interest in supporting CS&E and its activities. Applications and nominations for membership will be reviewed by a standing Membership Committee, subject to review by the Department. Membership will be limited, and membership invitations will be extended to select organizations that have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in their respective fields. Member organizations will designate a primary representative and an alternative to attend meetings and represent the organization.

Standard membership terms will be two academic years and are renewable at the discretion of the Membership Committee.

The Chair of the Council will be appointed by the Department Head; the term of office will be two years, and may be renewed.


The Council will meet twice a year, in the fall and spring, at a time and place mutually agreed on by the Chair and the Department Head. Other sessions may occur when needed.