Governor Tim Walz Declares Computer Science Education Week

The goal of Computer Science Education Week echoes the mission of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering - to serve the community by delivering the benefits of computing through conducting innovative research and educating tomorrow’s leaders. We provide outstanding education in the fundamentals and frontiers of computing to all students. We incorporate ethics throughout our curriculum - we encourage students to learn not just what and how, but also to ask why and who is impacted. We give students at all levels opportunities to engage in hands-on research with our world-renowned faculty.

Minnesota was an early leader in the development of computers, devices, networks, and educational computing and remains a leader in both technology and education. There are an estimated 105,000 tech jobs in the state with computing occupations playing an integral role in nearly every industry, including health care, manufacturing, agriculture, and information technology. The goal of Computer Science Education Week is to demystify the field of computer science, expose students to the rich opportunities the field offers, and provides critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

The field of computer science is a foundational science for the digital age, and computing technology is an integral part of modern culture, transforming how people interact with each other and the world around them. The field also has significant equity barriers to address, including attracting more participation by women and people of color who are often underrepresented in computer science to all levels and branches. All students deserve thorough preparation for the modern workforce through computer science education at the elementary and secondary levels of education, including access to the qualified teachers, technology, and age-appropriate curriculum. 

Learn more about efforts to improve computer science education in the state of Minnesota through CSforAll-MN.