Stevie Chancellor interviewed on TWIML AI Podcast

Assistant Professor Stevie Chancellor was recently the featured guest on The TWIML AI Podcast. The podcast is a leading voice in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, with over seven million downloads and a large and engaged community following. 

During the conversation, she shared her work at the intersection of human-centered computing (HCC), machine learning, and high-risk mental illness behaviors. Chancellor discussed how her background in HCC helped shape her perspective, how machine learning helped with understanding severity levels of mental illness, and some recent work where convolutional graph neural networks are applied to identify and discover new kinds of behaviors for people who struggle with opioid use disorder.

She also explored the role of computational linguistics and natural language processing in her research, issues in using social media data being used as a data source, and finally, how people who are interested in an introduction to human-centered computing can get started.

Listen to the episode "Human-Centered ML for High-Risk Behaviors with Stevie Chancellor".