Vipin Kumar Collaborates with U of M Medical School on $1.4 Million Grant

The University of Minnesota Medical School received a $1.4 million research grant for their work with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Among this team of researchers is Department of Computer Science & Engineering’s Vipin Kumar, whose work will help improve patient safety with machine learning.

The team is introducing ENTRUST AI, “ENsuring the TRUSTworthiness of AI/ML Models to Optimize Continual Patient Safety.” The project that will be responsible for developing robust computational approaches to provide individualized reliability, harms and benefits. Additionally, ENTRUST AI will extend current risk management best practices to the full clinical AI lifecycle. 

Accuracy is a central goal of this project. With patient care, the AI must be able to be individualized to care for each patient in their own unique way. The AI must be able to connect with each patient and provide the appropriate resources. The processes developed by the project will be implemented at M Health Fairview and Mayo Clinic, specifically for AI algorithms predicting patient decompensation and postoperative surgical complications.

The project’s funding comes from Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics (MNP) Program. For more information, read the original article from the Medical School