Yarosh receives NSF CAREER award

Assistant Professor Lana Yarosh received the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) CAREER award. The award supports junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research.

Yarosh received the award for her proposal, titled “Physical Interfaces to Empower Community Connections.” The proposal outlines Yarosh’s research which seeks to advance the field of social computing technology, looking more deeply into its promise to increase social connectedness, while striving to find ways to counteract forms of social media that have unintended social isolation effects.  Her research explores two main areas of social connectedness: facilitating peer support in recovery from substance use disorders and supporting intergenerational connections to reduce elder isolation. The prototypes Yarosh has developed for these areas of research have the potential to provide a positive impact on these societal challenges.

Yarosh joins a growing list of past CS&E professors to have received the CAREER award. For more information about Yarosh’s project and her CAREER award please visit the NSF’s award abstract.